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Zisk Properties was founded by Javed and Zafer in 2016 to provide an alternative way for investors to invest in real estate and help solve some of the challenges that exist in investing in the property market.

Property markets in general are slow to evolve, opaque and inefficient. While some countries like the UK are better than others, there is still significant scope to innovate and improve. Areas that need consideration include making transactions more efficient, faster, increasing security (more relevant for certain countries), reducing the number of parties involved in a transaction, and most importantly, reducing costs. In addition, there are a considerable number of challenges associated with purchasing an investment property, including:

  • Having access to good property deals through a strong network in the property market;
  • A complicated and daunting process;
  • The hassle to manage all the involved stakeholders – sellers, estate agents, lawyers and surveyors;
  • Extremely time-consuming – a property transaction can easily take up to 6 months or even longer. Furthermore, managing a property effectively not only requires time but also relevant skills and experience.

Zisk Properties was founded precisely to tackle these challenges, with the aim to innovate while helping everyone (who qualifies) to invest in properties with ease and convenience.

The use of latest technologies and data analytics, combined with the crowdfunding business concept and an FCA registered fund structure are the key elements Zisk Properties utilises to enable it to become a future leader in the property market and pave a way for a better future.

our mission and Values

Zisk Properties was established with a mission to develop innovative solutions to make property investments smarter, quicker and more accessible.

You Come First

We believe that honesty, transparency and integrity are non-negotiable. These values are crucial to developing businesses that succeed over the long-term. By putting people first, starting with our investors, we aim to build trusted relationships that stand the test of time.

Knowledge, Skill and Experience

We want to outperform not only our competition but also our expectations. To achieve that, we ensure that we have a team of experts that are highly qualified and possess the requisite experience and knowledge, whilst sharing our values. They must also be passionate about their jobs and the need to produce exceptional results for our clients.

Necessity is the Mother of All Innovation

We are innovators who develop new, unique solutions to solve real-world problems. We use our financial, technical and real estate expertise combined with our experience and out of the box thinking to deliver on our promise. We are also on a constant lookout for fresh blood, new ideas and not to forget new problems to solve, to ensure our momentum never stops.

A word from Javed, CEO of Zisk Properties.

“ We will continue to work tirelessly to ensure we bring the best of the property investment markets to our customers in the most efficient and user-friendly way. ”

Management Team

A qualified team with a proven track record to ensure Zisk Properties can deliver on its mission.

Javed Khattak

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Zafer Khattak

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Tameem Shahzad

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer

Sheriff Olujide

Non-Executive Director

Adam Gent

Non-Executive Director

Rishi Chouhan

Property Advisor

Zeeshan Mallick

Chief Marketing Officer

Valeriya Zaychuk

Business Development Director

David Woodcock

Strategy Advisor