Pinner Flat

81 Field End Road, London HA5 1TD £490,000

Investment Case

We are able to offer this property based in Pinner, London through our partner, McBull. McBull has self-developed the project from the start to the end, including the design and the construction consisting of the excavation, roofing and all the interior works. The project features 4 bed terraced residential blocks.

Given the great location, easy access to Central London and the quality of the end product, we are confident in this investment yielding attractive overall returns.

Projections: The projected return shows a total return of 39% for the 5 year term. Of this, 25% is the projected rent (i.e. 5% p.a.). The returns are a conservative estimate in our opinion.

Note: The collected funds include 'committed funds' from our investors that will be received once the property is 100% funded.

Property Details

The property is a 2 bed flat and is currently under construction. The target completion is mid 2021. Once the property is completed, it will be managed by Zisk Properties and tenanted out.

Given the fantastic location and the new development, we expect to be able to achieve high rental returns. Despite this, we have assumed 5% p.a. returns on the projections for this investment.

Age of construction (years): New Development (under construction)

Composition: 2 beds