Sprout Growth Fund

United Kingdom £5,000,000

Investment Case

Our Sprout Growth Property Fund offers you a high target return along with diversification.

● Minimum investment: £25,000

● Investment term: 3 years

● Fund Fee: 0.5% of funds p.a. plus profit based fee only on return over 8% p.a.

The target return for the fund over the 3 year period is an amazing, market beating over 40%.

In addition, the fund's return is structured so that we only receive our profit based fee once the fund achieves a minimum return of 8% p.a.

Click on our Investment Brochure above for more details.

Note: The collected funds include 'committed funds' from our investors that will be received once the property is 100% funded.

Property Details

The Sprout Growth Fund will invest in properties primarily in the UK. This will include property investments in the secondary market e.g. buy to lets, as well as property development projects (ourselves and with our partners).

The fund's investment strategy includes investment in Overseas Properties, e.g. the UAE, which offer significantly higher returns but with limited risk due to our vast experience and local networks.

For more details, click on our Investment Brochure in the Documents section above.